Let's Learn About Reading Digital Clocks!


Remember what we have learned so far:

an analog clock showing nine o clock

When we're reading an analog clock, the short hand is the hour hand. The long hand is the minute hand.


So what does a digital clock look like?


A digital clock is a clock that is run by a computer. It does not have any hands.


A digital clock displaying 7:30


On the display, there are two sets of numbers. They are separated by 2 dots called a colon.


The colon separates the hour and the minutes.

Two digital clocks, with the hours labeled on the left and the minutes labeled on a second version of the clock on the right.

The first set of numbers represent the hour. These numbers go from 1 to 12.

a digital clock, with the minutes muted and the hours normal and labeled


The second set of numbers represent the minutes. These numbers go from 00 to 59.

a digital clock, with the hours muted and the minutes normal and labeled



Let's Learn!