Summary Of Services Provided

The purpose of receiving related services within the school setting is to enhance the educational experience for the student. The service providers will work with the students to help them better access the curriculum through specific goals and objectives. The goals and objectives will be created, with the input of the entire educational team, with the students current level of functioning in mind. Occupational therapists may have a variety of goals, however, they focus on fine motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, cognitive skills, and sensory-processing deficits. Physical therapists focus on pain, strength, joint range of motion, endurance, and gross motor functioning. Speech-Language pathologists my focus on various disorders including receptive/expressive, fluency, articulation, voice or even oral feeding.

The key to success is team work. Frequent open communication between home, school and outside providers will strengthen the skills learned. Skills will be generalized across settings when everyone is on the same page. Below, you will find numerous ideas to use at home to reinforce the skills taught in school.

Occupational Therapy

Here’s a video about OT in your home!

Here are some fun school-age OT Activities:

Physical Therapy

Here is a video of some toy for children with physical disabilities!

Below are some fun activities for your child to practice their skills! You might even find yourself enjoying these activities!

Locomotion Skills

With these activities, your child will strengthen large muscles and increase stamina.

Manipulation Skills

Use soft balls, sticks, beanbags, cones, or other objects to make playing even more interesting. These games improve hand-eye coordination and strengthen muscles.

Stability Skills

Get your kids climbing, reaching, and twisting; they'll strengthen their muscles and increase flexibility.

Speech-Language Pathology

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a speech-language pathologist looks like?

Here are some excellent ways to incorporate speech language practice into your routine-perfect ideas for a warm spring day! These activities are motivating and fun, thus encouraging child participation.