Recommended Supplemental Resources

The following websites can serve as supplementary activities and practice for your child. The websites chosen for recommendation are all motivating, fun and novel. Careful consideration was taken in the ease of using each resource so that the child may work on these activities independently or with little supervision.

Assistive Technology Resources

Assistive technology (AT) can be defined as any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. (29 U.S.C. Sec 2202(2)).


To learn more about available devices and software that may help your child access information technology, please refer to the Assistive Technology page.


Recommended Websites

The following is a list of highly motivating web sites to be used for further practice and reinforcement:



Match the synonym pairs - find words with the same meaning


Antonym Matching - find pairs with opposite meaning.

Word Jungle

Choose correct meaning of given word to swing in jungle.


Homophone Challenge - find correct word to complete sentence

Word Confusion

Help Regan the Vegan make fresh salad. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.



Online interactive game.

Pick the correct word to add to the base word.

Kidport Compound Words

Select the word that makes a compound word.

Compound Words

Match the blue word with the red to form a compound word

Quia Compound Words

Click on the boxes to combine words and make a compound word.



Direct your dragon with the mouse and catch the globes with real words. Choose the phoneme that you wish to work with.

Match of Mystery

5 levels, short, long, digraphs, diphthongs and vce pattern.

Look, Cover, Write, Check

Phonetic family of words to practice. Can change the level from easy to hard.

Magnetic Chat

Create new words from word endings.


Child sees the word spelled correctly, then letters are mixed up and child must put them in order again.


More Than 13

Select carrot tops with correct number (place rabbit directly above number to chew carrot top)

Toon University

Three levels of games.

Mucky Monsters

Which monster has more or less?


Select greater than, less than, or equal to.

Greater Than or Less Than

Three levels of games. Makes use of < sign and > sign.



The Chevron Cars

Number order up to 30. Connect the dots to make cars.


Connect the dots 1-50 or skip counting by 2s up to 100

Missing Numbers

Fill in the missing number from one to ten. This is a keyboarding activity, not a mouse activity.

Doodle Dots

Connect the dots to create pictures. Can print out picture.


What is the next number if counting down?


Counting Change

Count up these coins to see how much money you have.

Spending Spree

Pick the item that you would like to buy. Then choose the correct amount of coins you need to pay for that item.

Saxon Math

Find the value of each set of coins.

Counting Money

Count the amount of coins

Coin Madness: Addition

Click on the squares to add the numbers so that they equal the value of a number.


Using Money

How much change? - Word problems.

Saxon Math

Making Change from One Dollar - Figure out how much change to return.


Counting Change - a match game - counting coins to find amount of change and matching it with numerical number.

Money Flashcards

Money Flash Cards - Add up the value of the coins.

Scottie Nickel

Coin Counting - Help Scotty give the fewest coins in change to his customers.


Number Cracker

Students guess what number comes next in the pattern.

Complete the Pattern

Working with colors, complete the pattern.

Kaboose Funschool

Crazy Pattern Machine.

Sesame Street

Work with Cookie Monster to complete pattern.

Polkaroo's Polka Dots Shorts Game

Find the Pattern on Polka's Shorts.


Main Idea Practice

online interactive quizzes

Main Idea Tutorial

online tutorial and interactive quiz

Main Idea Tutorial

online tutorial and interactive quiz

Context Clues

online interactive tutorial and quiz

What's the Big Idea

solve a riddle by answering questions about the main idea

Further Enrichment