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Information! Information! Information! What can be truly said about this site that will do it justice as far as what it offers? Not only are the various subjects relatable to any educational subject but even the methods of presentation take advantage of various multimedia tool with which they present material. Would you like to learn about the Giant Fruit Bat? or hear a catchy tune about climates? How about watching a video concerning absolute values? It even has a section for various educational games, subdivides the site into various topics – like biology, math, etc. There is even support material to enhance the visit in the form of worksheets.

It has a pleasant color-scheme about it, bright where it needs to be and dark when it wants to draw attention. it’s use of pictures enhance subject titles. While the site does seem somewhat “busy” it is to no fault as it does an admirable job considering the massive amount of subjects it attempts to give the visitor to choose from.

With the absolutely massive content it presents there could be an issue with the material becoming overwhelming just in it’s sheer amount but the site does do a decent job trying to keep visitors focused and not get lost. While it is possible to get overwhelmed amongst the links it is also very easy to find yourself back to a good starting point. The homepage for the site is a good starting point for any particular subject that you wish to visit the site for as most of it’s general topics can be further investigated for more specific materials. So, if you visit to learn about animals or math reviews or even worksheets you’ll be pleased that you can find your topic immediately.

This site comes very strongly recommended. For whatever materials you are seeking as an educator, a parent or a student of any age Kidsknowit offers an endless supply of subject matter and materials that will enhance any project, curiosity or focus. From the multiple multimedia tools, simple worksheets or presentations this site does what it is require to do – make the educational experience a good one.

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